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Tracey Arends - Hertfordshire, Middlesex

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Tracey qualified in Amatsu with distinction in 2018 (with the Amatsu Training School).

She trained in Amatsu initially to enhance her sports massage skills, then came to realise that Amatsu soft tissue therapy was far more effective, longer lasting on the body and better able to deal with symptoms.

She originally has a background in office work after leaving school (Office Junior to Directors PA), so is totally aware of the stress and strains of working in an office and being hunched over a pc.

Tracey first heard about Amatsu when she suffered with groin strain and no therapy seemed to be able to relieve the pain. After 3-4 treatments the problem was dealt with and the pain disappeared (only resurfacing a couple of times which was then quickly alleviated).

Her husband was very sceptical about Amatsu and preferred chiropractic or sports massage until he had several treatments for his neck issue and is now a convert to Amatsu. From professional athletes to the occasional gym-goer…busy office workers to stressed parents….manual workers to DIYers….Amatsu benefits everyone!

Tracey Arends - Hertfordshire, Middlesex

Contact Details


Tracey works from two treatment rooms:

Tuesday to Thursday 11am – 4pm, Saturday mornings

Hatch End, Pinner, Middlesex

Fridays 11am – 4pm

Kings Langley Business Centre, Station Road, Kings Langley

Phone:07974 696422