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Amatsu Helped Me

Amatsu Helped Me

Amatsu Therapy Awareness 2019 is about raising awareness of this great soft tissue therapy and highlighting some of the many health benefits that Amatsu therapy sessions could offer. Some of our Amatsu practitioners’ clients share their stories on how Amatsu has helped improved their health, from back pain to migraine, shoulder to toes, restricted movement to postural change. Clients with long term conditions have told us that Amatsu therapy has alleviated some of their symptoms. During April, most Amatsu Therapy International (UK) members will be running special offers to encourage people to take the opportunity to try Amatsu therapy for themselves. You can keep up to date with our 2019 campaign on Facebook and Twitter by following the hashtags #AmatsuAwareness2019 and also #AmatsuHelpedMe.

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If you’d like to share your experience of how Amatsu therapy has helped you, plus contribute further to our awareness campaign both in April and beyond, please post or tweet your story on Facebook or Twitter respectively, using the hashtag #AmatsuHelpedMe. It’ll then show up on the news feed below. We really appreciate your support.

Real Stories. Real Clients. Real Health Problems.

Read on to find out how Amatsu therapy helped improved the health and wellbeing of some of our Amatsu practitioners’ clients.

Hayden Barnes - Headaches

Before I had Amatsu, it was hell for me pretty much every day. I would wake up with a headache then take painkillers and it would go then but it would be back again later that day. I had been referred by my doctor for their recommended treatment and have also had numerous other therapies to try and sort the problem out. I was hesitant upon starting Amatsu due to all the other treatments not working and me basically throwing money away, but I’m so glad I did as I walk away from every session feeling lighter and more mobile and in fact, since the first session my headaches have stopped completely.

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I used to also suffer from pain in the back of my knee or my shoulder which were caused by years of playing rugby, but after a series of Amatsu sessions, I can finally rotate my arm without hearing any crunching or grinding.

Hayden, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Angi Naylor - Whiplash

A pain in the neck from a car crash a number of years ago brought me to discover Amatsu. I had tried all the usual medications and services offered and although it meant the symptoms were liveable with, I was finding compensatory posture was affecting other parts of my body. One of my colleagues saw me sat at my desk and asked if my neck was okay. I told him it wasn’t and he asked if he could do something! I said yes and was astonished as with a few simple touches, my neck, shoulders and back were relaxed. My work colleague was one of the 2nd generation Amatsu Practitioners and I went to him until he emigrated. Since then I have always made sure there is an Amatsu practitioner in my life!

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In all seriousness, having regular sessions means I have a much better feeling of control over my overall health and wellbeing. I have spoken to many people about my Amatsu friend and I leave it up to them to take it further, but I really believe that any therapy that wants to share helpful information, hints and self care/maintenance tips so you can look after yourself, is one to recommend. I particularly like the use of tennis balls to keep niggles at bay, it certainly works for me!

Angi, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Mandy Tranter - Whiplash Neck & Back Problems

Before I had Amatsu, I was in constant neck pain following a car accident a few years ago resulting in whiplash. I had always been young at heart and pretty active but found myself feeling 'old and haggard' from lack of sleep due to the pain. Over time, I developed pain in my back also. Going to bed at night, lying on my back, trying to move or turn over during the night and getting out of bed was so painful.

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After the car accident, I was referred through the NHS for Physiotherapy where I was told I had bad posture and was given a sheet of paper with exercises on to do. I had a number of appointments over the next few months and was given a sheet of exercises to do after every visit. None of this eased my pain. I have had physical therapy hoping that it might ease the pain but with no joy. I felt a bit nervous about having Amatsu therapy. I had never heard of it and only saw it by chance. I was also a bit nervous as it was a male therapist. I am so glad I overcome my worries and booked my session.

The therapist was very professional and I felt at ease and able to chat about day to day things with him. After my first visit, I felt amazing. I could actually wiggle my hips when walking and felt quite sprightly! I had no back pain and could walk up and down steps with no stiffness. I even took part in a bit of Folk Dancing with the children at work. I have actually slept all night and got out of bed with no problems. I was amazed with the results after just one session and kept thinking maybe I was dreaming! I would recommend Amatsu therapy to anyone who is suffering with muscular or joint pain. It worked wonders for me and at 53 years of age, I now feel much younger instead of feeling much older.

Mandy, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Sheila Lalani - Neck mobility, IBS & Colitis

I was in agony having just had a major fall on the ski slopes. I couldn’t move my neck and my back was to pots. I had intensive Amatsu sessions for that issue initially, only to discover that the work was actually also helping my colitis and IBS issues. I have tried almost all form of holistic therapy over the years which have all helped and worked well – however Amatsu is the one constant throughout the years since I began with it. Mostly for the realignment of my gut and back and a general feeling of my organs being put back in their place!

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For me I did not hesitate to start having Amatsu. Now, the maintenance it genuinely offers me is essential for my body and mind. I know that without a session every 6 weeks max apart, my body begins to show the effects. With that regularity I keep hold of an inner calmness of mind; energy and the ability to release.

I believe Amatsu could be suitable for people who believe in holistic therapies, also it is very appealing for someone who doesn’t want to remove clothing or have aggressive treatments. Whilst you don’t have to have any particular belief system for this to work, it is always helped by talking to your practitioner who explains where you are within your journey. I have had several Amatsu practitioners over the years and they made me feel ‘fixed’ again. They talk you through each element of the session if you want or they leave you to relax and stay quiet too; there is no pressure to be anything other than responsive to the plan. The room is calm, clean and appealing. Parking is easy so over-all it’s a stress-free and pleasurable experience going there too.

Sheila, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Maureen Marshall - Lower Neck Pain

Some years ago, I was feeling perfectly well except for a pain in the base of the neck where it joins the top of my back. After walking briskly for about half an hour, the pain nearly always increased and extended into the left upper arm. As I was, and still am, a keen walker, this was really bothering me. My first port of call was the GP and he suggested trying a therapy which I didn’t like so when Amatsu was first suggested I was sceptical. I decided I would give it a go for six sessions and give up if not effective. Over several sessions the pain gradually improved and disappeared and has never come back.

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Since then, I have continued to have regular Amatsu sessions which keep me moving and help me be proactive rather than reactive with physical ailments. My injuries across the years have thankfully been minimal, lack of movement in finger joints, ligament problems and more recently working to keep my balance, which is apparently to do with “proprioception”!

I am very impressed by the depth and range of knowledge of bones and muscles my practitioner has – and having trust in this person is vital. I also really love the helpful hints and tips for self help that come as a result of my visits to clinic.

Maureen, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Janice Alder - Dizziness, Labyrinthitis, Back & Knee pain.

Before I started having Amatsu, my life was blighted by constant spells of dizziness and occasional unpleasant episodes of labyrinthitis. A relative recommended Amatsu to me as an alternative to constantly having to rely on medication. I now attend regular 4-6 weekly Amatsu sessions and find I rarely suffer with dizziness and have not had any episodes of labyrinthitis since.

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I have also been treated for tendonitis and knee pain. Both of which have been helped by my visits. I have also needed my Amatsu practitioner when my back has been in acute spasm, could barely move and left walking perfectly normally and without pain - much to the surprise of my sceptical husband!

I can't categorically say that it is due to Amatsu but since I started I generally feel more able to cope with the everyday stresses in my life and look forward to attending my regular “maintenance” sessions. I would strongly recommend that people try Amatsu, though would suggest those with chronic conditions see their GP in the first instance and I know my practitioner would wholeheartedly agree. GP first!

Janice, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Jacquie Cowham - Painful Wrist

My first visit to an Amatsu practitioner was to look at my painful wrist. I had already had an operation for carpal tunnel syndrome a few years previously and wasn’t sure if the symptoms were related to the soreness and weakness I was experiencing. I had been referred to a ‘specialist’ who recommended an operation but who would not offer any guarantee of a successful outcome and relief from the pain I was suffering. After a few painless Amatsu sessions, the symptoms subsided and eventually disappeared.

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I am delighted I found Amatsu and now have regular maintenance sessions for my whole body. The niggly aches and pains I found myself coping with and trying to ignore, are now dealt with and soon disappear. I feel rejuvenated and realigned after each session.

I find I am able to easily fit a 30 minute treatment into my schedule once or twice a month, depending how I’m feeling, and love the fact I don’t have to remove my clothes. My practitioner is always on time and has a professional, caring and knowledgeable manner. More than anything the sessions being painless, and so subtle and so effective means I actually look forward to each session.

In my opinion Amatsu is for everybody to try – I would definitely recommend this therapy before embarking on more serious treatments such as drugs and surgery.

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Zee Mok - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I was suffering from aching, numb, tingling hands and arms throughout the day, worst in the morning when I woke up. The doctor diagnosed it as carpal tunnel syndrome. I wore wrist splint braces, which only alleviated the numbness temporary. I’d seen a physiotherapist to work into the pain around my arm, shoulder and neck but the relief was temporary and the pain came back a couple of days later. I was not hesitant about trying Amatsu after witnessing the outcome of my partner’s first Amatsu treatment. He was suffering from a lot of back pain and was not able to bend over to tie his shoe laces. After one session his pain was alleviated dramatically and he was able to bend over to put his socks on. My problem was nerves, and thought I will give Amatsu a go with the knowledge that Amatsu assesses the whole body, rather than just the localised area in pain.

The aching, tingling, and numbness in both my arms has gone, following routine sessions and I am now able to continue with everyday life without worrying whether the symptoms will suddenly reoccur.

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Very rarely it reappears, but I am now aware the cause of the problem is the misalignment of a few vertebrae pinching against a nerve along my neck. Importantly, it is not carpal tunnel syndrome as initially diagnosed. I was surprised by how rapidly I felt better, simply from light touches. No surgery or steroid injections, which were the treatment options offered to me by doctor should the numbness and pain continue.

I would recommend Amatsu to everyone, of all ages and health issues. It is unlike any other therapies. You have to go in with an open mind, but even if you don’t, you will have a different perspective when you leave. Following on from a few visits, I was intrigued to find out more about Amatsu. I am now in my first year of Amatsu training, loving all the learning and the practical side of Amatsu. In understanding the mystery of how the Japanese art of Taijutsu, combined with western science, evoke the ability to correct and rebalance the body with just the use of our hands.

Zee, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Helen Batcock - Arm Movement

After a fall onto my left arm in which there seemed to be no visible damage, within a few weeks I found I could not lift my arm above waist height and struggled to pick things up. I went to the doctors who referred me for physical therapy but after 6 visits it was no different and I was left with the option of steroid injection then surgery if that didn’t work. I had heard from a friend about Amatsu and decided to see what that could do…… within a couple of months of visits every couple of weeks, I had full range of movement !!

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After this I am a firm believer in Amatsu and recommend it to everyone and anyone that’s says they have an ache or pain!! Over the years I have found that Amatsu doesn’t just help with a specific problem, I recently had treatment for a running injury to my knee and after years of a pain in my shoulder blade that has now gone so for me Amatsu is a whole body therapy and I regularly go to just get my body back in balance.

Helen, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Tish Eadon - Long-term Shoulder & Neck Pain

I had an ongoing shoulder and neck problem, which had been extremely painful for at least 18 months. Whilst this had been addressed by many sessions with other therapies helping keep me going, the problem was not alleviated. Two very good friends were having Amatsu sessions for two different problems and had really good results, so highly recommended I go along.

My neck and shoulder are so much better and now I have very little problem with them and we are addressing other issues that have come up at the other end of me!

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I was surprised how quickly I got relief from the pain in my shoulder and it continued to ease and stay that way with each session. This gives me no hesitation to suggest that anybody could give Amatsu a try. It may not suit every condition but is certainly worth a phone call to a practitioner. They know what they can and cannot work with.

I have benefited greatly from Amatsu and continue to book regular sessions to help my hip – the shoulder and neck being a thing of the past! As it is so gentle, it is quite amazing it is as effective as I have found it to be.

Tish, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Gill Dayson - Back, ShouIder & Ankle Pain

I first came to try Amatsu for back/shoulder pain. I always had ankle pain as a result of flat feet but didn't think anything could be done for that. In the past I had been to a cranial osteopath, which worked well for me but was no longer conveniently placed. I had tried another therapy, but it made me feel worse. I didn't know what to expect when I started having Amatsu, but I thought it was worth trying something different. Having Amatsu solved my original problem almost completely and made me feel more balanced and as a side effect the pain in my ankles went as well.

Gill, #AmatsuHelpedMe

Rory Greenland - Lower Back Pain

I was having few issues with my lower back. I was unable to surf or go to the gym and the symptoms were stopping me from doing that. Almost immediately from having the first Amatsu session I noticed a massive improvement straight away with my flexibility and, ability to exercise and not have pain the next day. Before Amatsu, if I went surfing it would take me 5 days to recover using icing and ibuprofen.

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Now it’s given me the confidence to exercise - I’ve gone surfing 3 days in a row and I haven’t been able to do that since my early twenties. I’d tried other conventional treatments before but I quite liked the ideas behind Amatsu. I did quite a lot of Chiropractic treatment which was effective at the beginning when I first had my pain. It alleviated the symptoms but it would come back very quickly. I would recommend anyone whose got symptoms such as muscle pain, back problems- boys, girls, men women, anyone would benefit.

Rory, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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David Stokes - Lower Back Pain

From quite early on in life I had periodic lower back pain. As I became adult I discovered there were various ways of addressing the problem. At best these provided temporary relief. At times I would be visiting a therapist for help three times a week. About 11 years ago I found Amatsu and thankfully since then, I no longer have lower back pain. This was a huge relief as I had tried other therapies, which whilst helpful for some things, hadn’t alleviated the back pain issue.

I have come to understand that Amatsu sessions are like peeling layers off an onion. Once the initial problem begins to dissolve, if there are other contributory factors, they may need to be addressed. My overall health improved, anxiety reduced and a greater feeling of wellbeing was created. The sessions themselves are a pleasure to attend and I am particularly grateful that it is so gentle and done fully clothed.

I cannot recommend Amatsu highly enough, it is well worth the investment in both time and money. It is also rewarding to be pro-active in attending to your own overall health. Thank goodness for Amatsu!

David, #AmatsuHelpedMe

Francis Dolan - Lower Back Issue

I had very painful lower back problems and bending over was difficult. It got to the point where walking in the morning was excruciating. I had tried another therapy, but while it helped, it did not alleviate the problem. The pain lessened for a while, but it always came back with a vengeance. Several of my friends had tried Amatsu with great success. These are people that would take "Eastern healing" with a pinch of salt, but they were universally impressed with the results they achieved. After a series of sessions, I can now put on my socks!

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When the pain was at its worst, basic movement was extremely painful. Even over the course of the first few treatments, I could feel the pain lessen to the point where I didn’t notice it. The actual treatment itself is a very calming experience. I was expecting more painful positions and holds. I have almost fallen asleep a few times! I believe anyone can benefit from Amatsu. Some people will go in with preconceived ideas, but if they give it a fair go, they would be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve gone from not being able to bend over or lift my leg out to the side, to being able to take part in rigorous CrossFit classes without noticing any pain in my back. A good result I believe.

Francis, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Dave Oliver - Pain in my side

Before Amatsu I had been suffering for years with an unknown diagnosis. I had tried various types of therapy as well as trips to the Doctor, but to no avail, I still had this pain in my side. After having my Gall Bladder removed at the end of 2012, I understood that this would have been the cause, but to my disappointment it was not the case. So, I carried on as before, hoping with time my symptoms would disappear. Then I heard about Amatsu from a friend. This was a therapy I had no knowledge about, but I was more than happy to try, as it had come highly recommended by someone I love and trust. My first visit was an epiphany!

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I was suddenly aware of my body and how connected everything is from your head to your toes. Any abnormal repeated movements, will have a negative effect on your body and this became evident whilst walking out of the door after my first session. I had been made aware that I was out of alignment and I had been given a view of what it would be like to be back to my normal shape, where my body would be happiest and could work most efficiently. My practitioner made sure I also understood that at first this would be difficult for my body to keep hold of due to how long I had been that way and also my working life. I am a musician and have been so for the last 25 years. Carrying heavy equipment, the wrong way and performing in un-natural positions (pianist/keyboards), both seated and standing but often with feet facing one way and body twisted sideways, meant my body would need telling more than once.

I hadn’t expected to be mended in one session, I had realised that the problems I had were ages old so were likely to hang around. Now after 4 years, I see my practitioner regularly. This way I can manage any problems before they grow into something that gets in the way of my daily life/performing routine. I have to be realistic about all this – I cannot change that I will still be lifting musical equipment and perform in positions that the human body shouldn’t endure on a regular basis, but that is my life and my livelihood and it will not change.

Having my regular sessions means I can do the job I love and not cause myself any further injury and approach my tours with self help tips and remedies that have been tailored for me by my practitioner, keeping me in the best shape possible.

Dave, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Marcia Hopkins - Hip Pain

I came to Amatsu as I was walking unsteadily and had discomfort in my hip following a knee replacement operation 4 years ago. I’d tried other therapies with limited results. Through having Amatsu, I have realised that a long-standing whiplash injury to my right shoulder has really affected my neck and probably my hip and knee on the same side.

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I think that anyone with a holistic approach to bodily health would benefit from Amatsu. I have found Amatsu a very interesting form of therapy that combines manipulation and balancing of joints and muscles in order to correct and thereby co-ordinate the function of the skeletal system. It has been very helpful to me.

Marcia, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Daniel Mensah - Ankle Pain & Walking Issues

I always suffered from a sore ankle the day after playing rugby, making it hard to walk down the stairs in the morning, but the pain would always go after a day. Then after one game in November the pain never subsided and got worse, to the point that I was in pain and walking with a limp pretty much 24/7.

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My wife had mentioned Amatsu on other occasions and I hadn’t tried it, mainly due to cost and thinking it was an issue I could solve through a physio / self-care. The ankle got so bad though, to a point I was starting to worry about my quality of life, as walking and running were nearly impossible.

The most surprising thing was the how the injury disappeared, almost overnight, when after a number of [Amatsu] sessions, my practitioner worked on my right jaw. I had previously suffered from lock-jaw as a teenager, so was surprised to see the causal link. Being able to walk with minimal discomfort after playing rugby has been the main outcome for me. I would recommend Amatsu to anyone suffering with long-term / recurring muscular pain that has tried other things (i.e. physio) and is not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Or for anyone with general aches & pains, or sporting injuries. But you need to be patient and allow the treatment to do its thing. The experience has changed the way I would look to treat an injury – my first call now would be to my Amatsu practitioner (assuming it is not a broken leg!).

Daniel, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Eda Meadows - Ankle Injury

I had an old injury in my ankle where I had twisted it in the past. I aggravated it snowboarding and I was in pain when I walked or if I put too much weight on it unexpectedly. After 6 months of physio the muscles in my leg and ankle were stronger but I was still in pain. I thought I was going to carry this indefinitely even with the additional exercises. I had previously been to an Amatsu practitioner with a non-healing shoulder injury so had no hesitation in having it again. Since starting to have Amatsu, my ankle has been pain free, it’s not randomly inflamed and I’ve been able to do sport and other activities without fear of injury.

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My biggest surprise was walking out of the first session with an ankle that worked properly and without pain. It took a few sessions to fix properly as I still aggravated it a few times but this was never as bad as the first time.

I recommend Amatsu to many people and I would say anyone who does sports / hobbies that cause injuries, i.e. martial arts, snowboarding, has a long-term issue which traditional medicine has helped but not fixed, or a weak part of their body that regularly causes pain, will find Amatsu helpful and beneficial. You do need to have an open mind though – Amatsu does work but it’s hard to explain.

I also am a firm believer in seeking the correct medical attention too. This is not a replacement for a doctor / hospital. If they cannot help or you feel you need more, then this may be your next step.
The big difference you find with Amatsu is it takes the whole body into account, so if you have pain in one area it maybe a compensation injury. This makes a big difference as you treat the problem and not just the noticeable symptoms.

Eda, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Tess Lancashire - Stroke-related Health Problems

I had quite a bad stroke nearly 30 years ago and I was left with a lot of physical problems on my right side and speech and language communication difficulties, I now have Aphasia. After the stroke I have acquired Epilepsy with regular seizures. Over the years I have been trying to find things to seriously help me. I have had some therapies which I enjoyed as they seemed to calm everything down, but I was worried as it occasionally caused seizures. My right side is weaker and I didn’t seem to be able to control my right foot. When walking, it felt very flat footed and my ankle was very weak, sometimes collapsing under me. I tripped a lot and I have had a number of falls.

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I had no hesitation about starting Amatsu at all. I needed to try something because at the time I didn’t feel that anything was really working for me. I met my practitioner, Nicola, at an event where she was giving people short taster sessions and the way she explained what she was doing made me feel that I could really trust her. When you’ve had something serious like a stroke, it is very important that you feel safe with your practitioner. The taster session was lovely. I sat up and Nicola passed me a bottle of water and I took a sip. And I remember thinking, “I can’t do that. I can’t hold a bottle in that hand.” But I had quite naturally reached out for it with my right hand! It was such a lovely feeling. I hadn’t had that control in my right hand for years even though I am naturally right handed.

After my stroke my right arm was very tight. It was very curled up in front of my chest and I couldn’t just drop it and it wouldn’t straighten, so I had to use my left hand more. While recovering in hospital I used a drop arm gentle swinging motion encouraged by my sister who was an Occupational Therapist. The right upper limb always had less control and lack of sensation.

I now have regular Amatsu and have a lot more dexterity in my right arm and it feels much more comfortable. I don’t stumble as much or have so many falls. My hips are moving more so I feel as if I’m walking more normally now. I don’t really think about it so it’s obviously now just become automatic. Amatsu has made walking become more relaxed. I’ve also got more energy and I don’t feel so much that my right side is as heavy as it used to be.

I think Amatsu would be good for people who have a physical tightening of their body, whether it’s from stress or an injury or through something that has happened to them, like a stroke perhaps. A stroke survivor might have a bit of fear about non-medical treatments, as medical help has got them so far down the road to recovery, and they may feel they don’t want to mess things up by doing something non-medical, but I really think anyone could benefit from Amatsu. Amatsu is something that has been extremely important to me in my recovery. Even though it is a physical therapy, I also find that it also helps with psychological and emotional things for me. It seems to calm the whole of me. I’ve come to a much better place now in myself. I don’t have such bad physical problems now, so it’s on the emotional side that I get the greatest benefit. When I leave my session, everything just feels really easy and flows so naturally. Everything just feels right.

Tess, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Karen Woodcock - Fibromyalgia

I was suffering badly with fibromyalgia and taking a lot of pain killers to ease the pain. A neighbour recommended Amatsu and I was at the point that I would try anything. After a few sessions it was becoming obvious that the pain was easing. It didn't take long before I stopped needing the pain killers. I have now been pain free for years, but keep my Amatsu sessions as they help me on many levels it seems.

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I am a very keen walker, so occasionally have pushed it a little bit too far or done a bit too much DIY and gardening, when my sessions come in very handy bringing balance back to my body. One further added benefit is that because it is a soft touch therapy (mostly!), I leave with a feeling of relaxation and well-being. So, although I started because of Fibromyalgia, now, its more about recognising the feeling of well being that I can have all the time.

I would recommend anyone to try Amatsu and benefit from its process.

Karen, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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John Walker - Aches & Pains

As a late-comer to running (when I retired), I suffered a series of niggles and injuries associated with the sport - torn cartilage, ruptured achilles, tendonitis. etc. When I started having Amatsu two years ago I have to say I struggled to understand what this was and how it worked (I still do, if I’m honest!). However, I took a leap of faith based on my confidence in my practitioner’s professional expertise (I’d had regular sports massage with her before). Since then I have had regular sessions comprising testing and corrections and it has been a fascinating and rewarding process.

Michael Harper - Mobility & General Wellbeing

As a 60+ male I had always been active and sporty, playing rugby for many years. Later in life I started running to maintain a degree of fitness. I accepted that I wasn’t young anymore and with that also accepted the lack of mobility and flexibility, and the aches and pains, that come with age. I’ve always been a keen gym-goer and together with periodic sports massage and physiotherapy this had formed the basis of my own fitness programme. The classes and therapies etc. worked to a degree, however, I still had some underlying issues of body symmetry and alignment.

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The main outcomes that I have seen and experienced since receiving Amatsu have been the overall sense of wellbeing. This has also been in conjunction with a definite improvement in mobility of specific areas and joints, such as shoulder rotation, pelvis and hip alignment, knee flexibility and release of tight knotted muscles. One of the benefits that I wasn’t expecting were the connections between being treated in one area and alleviating problems in another; such as small bowel and large intestine wellbeing following massage of quad muscles and hamstring muscles.

I have had a bad knee injury caused by muscle damage for the last two years I while I am still not 100% as before the injury , I have made great progress towards pain free movement. Overall, I feel really well and ‘balanced’.

I would recommend Amatsu to anyone who values their health and wellbeing, especially active people who have joint flexibility issues, old or new injuries, postural problems, back pain or sore muscles.

Michael, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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James Bingham - Walking & Posture Problems

Over the years I have tried many alternative therapies, self-help groups and books, too many to mention. I have tried more mainstream modalities to, each with some effect. This means I have never hesitated trying something new, especially when it is by recommendation. I was struggling with my gait – my ankles were very restricted in range of motion and my posture was becoming stooped, reflecting the way I was walking. Since I started having Amatsu sessions I have seen some good improvements. I am now able to rotate both feet. Sounds a strange thing to say, but before I never had freedom of movement using my right ankle.

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Now my right and left feet work in sync which has dramatically changed my gait. This means I do not walk like a penguin! The knock on with having more reliable stability and movement in my ankles means my posture has been corrected and although I can feel it, friends have comment that I now walk in an upright position. A complete side benefit seems to be that my gut has been functioning better since I started Amatsu too.
Amatsu is very gentle when lying on the couch. However, I have had to be patient. It was explained that because of the number of years I had ongoing problems prior to starting with Amatsu (or any therapy) it would not be a “quick fix”!

Certainly for now, Amatsu has my attention and focus, I look forward to see where it can take me.

James, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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Lawrence Griffiths - Wellbeing & Bloating

I never felt at my best and then I had a bad back and traditional approaches weren’t getting me to where I felt myself. At the time I was having a physical therapy but I often felt I wasn’t 100%. When things are not working well for you, I think it is much easier to consider other therapies – even ones you haven’t ever heard of. This is because you are always on the lookout for something that might just work. For me, Amatsu means that I feel good in a way I didn’t ever before and it has become an integral part of my wellbeing. Again, I was delighted to discover that Amatsu helped my bloating issues.

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I don’t think Amatsu is the right choice for someone with an open mind and who isn’t expecting a quick fix. I’ve had three Amatsu therapists over the years and they have all been wonderful people. They have worked hard to understand me. I’ve not been judged but treated with understanding and sensitivity.

Lawrence, #AmatsuHelpedMe

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