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Post Treatment

Post Treatment

General After-Care Advice

Following your Amatsu balance, your practitioner will give you any specific information to ensure you get the very best from your treatment.

The most important thing to remember is that your body needs time to “settle” as the result of the treatment; therefore, running headlong straight back into a very busy day may not give you the best or longest lasting results possible.

It is true to say that many clients find they feel energised and refreshed after a treatment or calmer and more settled or just in need of a good sleep! This can vary from treatment to treatment depending on what restrictions or problems you have been managing.

It is difficult sometimes to not have specific expectations of your treatment – please make sure you talk to your practitioner so you are fully aware of how and why an Amatsu balance works, how frequently you may need to be seen and why some problems take longer to resolve than others.

Below is some aftercare advice that we would give to all of our clients, because you are only with your practitioner for a short period of time every week or fortnight, however you can help yourself all of the time.

Following your Amatsu balance, our general advice is to:

  • Drink plenty of water – vital to keep very well hydrated at all times but particularly when the body has been offered change through the treatment
  • Keep mobile – try not to sit down at the computer for hours, take a brisk, short walk swinging your arms freely. This is simply the best exercise you can take – walking is truly the way to keep all of you moving
  • Avoid strenuous exercise – overloading any of the systems in the body takes away from the overall effect of your treatment
  • Be aware of your posture – how different do you feel after treatment? Try to address any postural issues your practitioner makes you aware of, such as sitting hunched over a computer keyboard or holding a telephone to your ear
  • Go barefoot or wear comfortable footwear, so you can really feel the ground as you walk, good supple feet will take you for miles!
  • Overall, learn to listen to your body. Although gentle, Amatsu is asking your body to release lots of restrictions that it may have held for a very long time and this can affect us in many different ways.

If you have any worries or concerns following your treatment, please do not hesitate to contact your practitioner who will be able to advise you further

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