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Lesley Hobbs - Tingrith, Bedfordshire

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I came to Amatsu after having treatment myself. I was in a great deal of pain with my hip and naturally thought the worst and that my hip was worn out! Even after the first treatment, the pain had eased and I felt so much better. I was bowled over by the powerful effects of Amatsu and very quickly decided to study to become a practitioner myself. After 2 years of study and hard work, I graduated from The Amatsu Training School with distinction.

Amatsu continues to amaze me as I see the ‘all round’ effects it has on my clients. I have been able to help with a wide variety of problems using the many and varied ‘tools’ of Amatsu to re-balance the body, allowing healing to take place.

I run clinics from my home on the outskirts of Tingrith in Mid Bedfordshire. If you would like more information, clinic times and costs, please get in touch.


Lesley Hobbs - Tingrith, Bedfordshire

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