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Carrie Hudson - Hatfield, Hertfordshire

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Carrie became a qualified Amatsu Therapist at level 2 in 2017 and has since made it her full time profession. She is a passionate and empathetic practitioner, keen to get to know the individual and their particular treatment requirements. Carrie really enjoys working with Amatsu and its ‘whole body’ style of treatment, which enables her to really treat the entire person.

Carrie is also a qualified running coach with experience of long distance running so is able to assist those with particular goals including endurance sports. This knowledge can be applied to sports men and women as well as those less inclined to sports but who wish to maintain an active lifestyle.

Carrie is always keen to learn more and is undertaking Level 3 Amatsu studies as well as a sports massage course.

Carrie Hudson Amatsu Therapy Clinic is available Monday to Friday with evening appointments on Wednesday and by appointment on Saturdays.

Carrie is always happy to speak with you about Amatsu and how it can help, so give her a call or drop her an email.

Carrie Hudson -  Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Contact Details


15 Batterdale

Old Hatfield

Herts AL9 5JF

Natural Health

36 Wigmores North

Welwyn Garden City

Herts AL8 6PH

Phone:07930 601 991