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One leg longer than the other.....

Why is it that back ache can seemingly appear as the result of picking up a pencil or reaching for the salad cream? We explore an Amatsu fundamental to help explain what happens...



In Amatsu the importance of the pelvis cannot be overstated, the relationship between the head, feet and pelvis is fundamental to how the body works.  In each treatment regardless of the condition presented,  we will make a thorough assessment of the clients pelvis and ensure it is stable and functioning, but what does this really mean?

The pelvis is the structure in the middle of our body consisting of three bones (four if you include the tiny coccyx) and three joints (the pubic symphysis and two sacro-iliac joints, we'll come back to these in a moment).  The pelvis sits above the legs and below the spine.  In good function the pelvis is capable of absorbing and transmitting all the forces of daily life, from walking and running to carrying heavy loads.  Every movement we make is reflected in the pelvis.

This adaptability in the pelvis is designed to protect us from the many abuses of modern life and prevent damage to the highly mobile spine, however there are limits to this adaptability.   Think of the sacro-iliac joints like a fuse box and when they are sufficiently stressed the fuses blow, this is where the problems begin.  When the fuses blow pain and discomfort can occur in virtually any area of the body, mobility will be reduced, this is to prevent further damage.  The consequence - sacroiliac displacement (or a twisted pelvis as it is often referred to) can be one hip higher than the other (often visible at the shoulders) giving a perceived difference in leg length.

It is at this point that people start wondering what it was that they did, not necessarily having done anything other than their usual things.  Often when you speak to people and they say that they only lent over to pick up a pencil and ended up with terrible back ache.

It is the most important part of an Amatsu treatment to ensure pelvic stability, hence both legs are the same length and the pelvis is working properly with no dysfunction at the sacro-iliac joints.

Next time we will look at another Amatsu fundamental - biotensegrity





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  1. Gina Croft:
    Apr 10, 2013 at 07:20 AM

    Thought provoking - anybody got anything to add?

  2. Dan:
    Jul 22, 2013 at 10:03 AM

    Cool, lets here some more.

    When's the Biotensegrity posting coming?

    Regards. DW

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