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Having a nightmare with A&P - help is at hand in this excellent new book

Designed for both the student and the lecturer - this innovate book written by Jane Langston Amatsu Practitioner and Earle Abrahamson Sports Massage Therapist have collaborated to create an excellent learning aide that will spend much time off your bookshelf and in your hand, making it an invaluable resource

I had never heard of Amatsu - was it just another name for a massage?

One happy client who discovered Amatsu and the fact that she had one leg shorter than the other!

Non Amatsu CPD - Blog on Introductory session of Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought

Susan Doyle, an experienced Amatsu Practitioner shares her non Amatsu CPD

One leg longer than the other.....

Why is it that back ache can seemingly appear as the result of picking up a pencil or reaching for the salad cream? We explore an Amatsu fundamental to help explain what happens...