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Alex Mosco - Doncaster

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Having qualified in Amatsu Therapy to Seitai level I have been treating since 2013. My own series of sporting injuries led me to Amatsu as other complementary therapies never dealt with the causes of my symptoms properly. I discovered the therapy worked particularly effectively for me.

Complementing the treatment of my clients has been my participation in the movement principles and teachings of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. A martial art based on effective movement from which Amatsu was born, its ability to engage with the body’s movement patterns in order to heal amazed me.

I understood how it addressed and maintained the body as well as resolved the root causes of imbalance and its therapeutic abilities linked directly to my interest in movement. This made learning it even more interesting.

Since qualifying as a Practitioner, I have seen clients benefit immensely from Amatsu. Its principles have enabled me to successfully treat people with a variety of complaints and backgrounds, ranging from the active and sporty, to the much less mobile and elderly. All have seen improvements in their original condition and as a result of collaboration between me as an Amatsu Practitioner and them as a person with their own needs, it is incredibly satisfying to see people learning to take control of their health and life once more.

With my own interests including climbing, cycling and walking, it is the global approach to maintenance of movement Amatsu provides that encouraged me to become a Practitioner and advocate of its methods.

Alex Mosco - Doncaster

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