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The Amatsu Training School Ltd

The Amatsu Training School Ltd

Meet Our Students

The Amatsu Training School is the recognised and affiliated training provider for Amatsu Therapy International UK Ltd.

Our student practitioners have two years of basic training. The levels are Amatsu practitioner Year 1 and Amatsu practitioner Year 2.

We are very proud of our qualified Amatsu Year 1 practitioners and they are insured and qualified to charge for their hugely beneficial Amatsu Year 1 treatments.

They are also furthering their Year 2 learning in readiness for their exams in November 2018, when they will become Amatsu Year 2 practitioners.

Should you wish to book in with a qualified Year 1 practitioner in your area, please contact them on the details below:

Tracey Arends
Location: Pinner
Phone: 07974 696422
Qualified on: November 2017

Andy Harding
Location: Wath on Dearne, Yorkshire
Phone: 07703 565922
Qualified on: November 2017

Carly Rae
Phone: 07929 861323
Qualified on: November 2017

Michaela Stratford
Location: Kings Langley
Phone: 07815954504
Qualified on: November 2017

Want to learn more about the training school?

Visit The Amatsu Training School website for more information about our programmes.

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